What′s the difference between support stay and friction stay?

What is the difference between the common square groove positioning support stay and stainless steel friction stay in the hardware door and window decoration project?  Is it the same product?

In fact, positioning support stay and friction stay are both types of window stay. In the industry, positioning support stay  can limit the position and support the window when the wind blows. The stainless steel friction stay on the market can be divided into two types according to the purpose. One is the side hung friction stay for side hung windows. It is not only can limit the position, but also play a load-bearing function, and is deeply welcomed by the industry, such as Guangdong Jinlai Square Groove Positioning Support Stay.  The other is used for top hung windows. For example, the Jinlai Round Groove Side Hung Friction Stay mainly play a load-bearing role. Therefore, the shape of stainless steel friction stay is also different from that of positioning support stay.

So far, we can also better distinguish between stainless steel friction stay and positioning support stay. Here are the powerful product of positioning support stay:

AOSITUO Square Groove Positioning Support Stay FBC220

Square Groove Positioning Support Stay FBC220


Features: made of high-quality SUS304, it can be installed at an appropriate angle according to the positioning, and can be used for side hung or top hung window.


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