When does the stainless steel friction stay need to be renewed

Generally speaking, the service life of stainless steel materials is relatively long, especially 304 stainless steel. From the use of stainless steel abroad, the service life under normal circumstances can reach 100 years, or at least 70 years, which is almost the same as that of buildings. The advantage of 304 stainless steel materials is high corrosion resistance. Therefore, the 304 stainless steel friction stay  has a longer service life.
stainless steel friction stay

Although this is the case, it does not mean that the stainless steel friction stay can be used all the time and does not need to be renewed. For example, it has been used for many years in dusty places or in wet seaside. In addition, if there is no basic maintenance and maintenance, the stainless steel friction stay will be damaged and eroded to varying degrees, such as loose fixing screws and steel deformation, which will seriously affect the safety performance of stainless steel friction stay and doors and windows.


Therefore, when selecting stainless steel friction stay, we should select the friction stay produced by regular manufacturers, such as the AOSITUO stainless steel friction stay produced by GUANGDONG JINLAI. We should not be greedy for cheapness, and we need to regularly hire qualified engineering architects to come to the door to maintain and safety test the doors and windows and stainless steel friction stay. Once there is a situation affecting the safe use, we need to update and replace the stainless steel friction stay or doors and windows in time, so as to reduce the safety risk.


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