Friction stay hinges are a variable window hinge which enables the secure opening and closing of windows. As the name suggests, an adjustable friction slide helps to hold the window in an open position.

What type of friction stay hinge should I choose?

Your property’s new windows may be top hung or side hung. The type of hinges that will be fitted to your new windows will vary according to the type of window you are choosing. If you’d like advice on the right friction stays for your windows, GUANGDONG JINLAI METAL PRODUCTS CO., LTD can help.

GD JINLAI Types of friction stay hinges

Suqare groove positioning suport stay FBC134

Square groove side hung friction hinge FBH134

Material: SUS304, Suitable for Side hung light-duty window, window type: ( Narrow type aluminum) ,  the weight of window shoud not over 20KG,  Groove type: Square groove 13.4mm, Specification: 12", Open angle: 88 degrees.

Round groove side hung friction stay FA200

Material: SUS304, Suitable for Side hung light-duty window,  Groove type: Round groove 20mm, Specification: 8"/12"/14"/16"/18" ,  Open angle: 60-85 degrees.

Suquare groove top hung window frictin hinge FBX226

Material: SUS304, Suitable for window type:  Top hung window,  Groove type: Square groove 13.4mm, Specification: 14"/16"/18"/24", Open angle: 60 degrees.

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